5 ways to work the outdoors into your training



Spring has finally sprung! (Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed it and it snows again!) So let’s dust off the cobwebs and get outside! Some benefits of training outside are: You get to know your local area, neighbours and friends more, feel more connected to nature and appreciate the beautiful country we live in, fresh air and oxygen into the lungs, if it does get chilly your body has to work that little bit harder to keep you warm. There are hundreds of other benefits but these are my favourites.


Find a local park and make your own outdoor workout

As well as the traditional long or short distance running to get more fresh air into your training you can use a local park to get a little more inventive with your workout. e.g. Use a park bench for press ups or tricep dips, do shuttle runs between trees. If you have children then get them involved so show them how fun exercise is.


Join a tennis, basketball, hockey or cricket club (this list is endless!)

If you love meeting new people and want to get more social while exercising, why not join a sports club! This time of year loads of clubs are looking for new players. Find one to suit your level, amateur if you want to have fun with it and make friends while getting fit OR their are loads of semi professional clubs all over Scotland and Edinburgh who take on new players. Likewise if you have kids this is a great way to get some “me time” back, leave them with a club on an evening or afternoon!


Join a bootcamp

If you struggle with self motivation but still want to get outside this could be the option for you. There are plenty of options in Edinburgh city centre, especially running up to summer. You could also do GROUP TRAINING with 1-2 friends with me if you want a more personalised style bootcamp. Book here.


Have a picnic and bring some outdoor games e.g. frisbee, croquet

Getting the blood going and getting moving doesn’t have to be ALL blood, sweat and tears. We get a short spring/summer in Scotland so make the most of it. It can be sandwiches, sweat and maybe some beers. Just sayin.



Please ask permission before borrowing said dog! BUT dog walking has so many benefits. Dog therapy is my favourite type of therapy, in combination with a walk to clear your head and sort out your thoughts. If you are lacking a dog to borrow. Then borrow a friend instead.