6 reasons why yoga is great alongside all training



Anyone who knows me well knows that I struggle BIG TIME to chill out, sit down and SLOW DOWN. We live in a very fast paced world yoga is my therapy and meditation. Here are some reasons I feel yoga, mobility and stretching are SO important alongside your training.

1. Time out and silence: Whether you go for a yoga class through all the posture or simply take 15 minutes a day to stretch out your mind will benefit massively from the silence and time out.
2. Give your central nervous system a break. Yoga great natural stress reliever; our central nervous system is constantly under stress. Give it a break, give it some yoga. Doing a short practise before bed can also help you sleep as you relax the muscles and slow down the mind and body. Will help you switch off.
3. Physical strength. If you haven’t done much yoga you may not realise it is actually great for building up your strength all over, as well as your muscular endurance.

4. Lean agile muscles – increases power in other training e.g. longer strides, more powerful lifts etc.

5. Be mindful of your body. We run through our busy lives letting our bodies drag behind. Give yourself time during and after your yoga practise to scan your body and see how it REALLY feels. Where are you aching? Where feels good and strong? Where feels tight?

6. Decrease chance of injury. This does not been you are invincible and will never injure yourself, however the more in touch with your body you are, the more you will be able to sense changes and know what your limits are.