Welcome to Iona May!


A little about me:


One of the main reasons I moved into the health and fitness industry is help women do what I have done. Live outside your comfort zone: you want to get “toned”, defined muscles – lift heavy weights and don’t care if the people watch; if you hate your job – do something to change your circumstances; If you wake up worried and stressed – change your mindset.


Have a listen to the Edinburgh Health and Wellness Podcast here to hear all about what is going on in health and wellness in and around the city!


 I have great passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Having multiple dietary intolerances, I’ve struggled with many diets over the years and have gathered the knowledge to aid a multitude of fitness and nutritional needs.


I am also an Arbonne Independent Consultant; what this means is I share amazing products and a business opportunity with people and show them how to do the same. I love living and working on my watch and by my rules. You will see some of the lovely vegan, gluten and cruelty free products scattered on this site so if you want more information on the products or the lucrative income opportunity then contact me directly or shop on the link here.


Enjoy having a rummage through the site and feel free to get in touch on leave me a comment.

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