Benefits of group training vs class exercise

1. Stash your cash – It’s cheaper than 121 training but with all the same benefits. Save your pennies for holidays, shoes, nappies, cars or just life. Simples.
2. Accountability and support – You have 2 or more accountability partners when you want to skip a session, not train or just have an off day. Your training partner is there for the same reason as you; to reach a health/fitness goal.
3. Efficient – you get more done when someone is with you. Most of group sessions are superset based meaning you work 2 opposing muscle groups in one session back to back – uber time efficient!
4. Motivation – sometimes it’s nice to have encouragement from a peer rather than an just the instructor or trainer barking at you. Your co-client will be cheering you on too.
5. 121 attention – rather than a class of 20-30 people you get 121 work and feedback as well as your own personal needs met
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