Smoothies – Are they so great?

For my birthday last year my Dad bought me a nutribullet (and a spiralizer more on that later), a great piece of kit. I have been experimenting with all the things you can do with them.


Out with the old…


…and in with the new…


Most of the recipes on this blog I make with the Nutribullet, pancakes, cake mixes, houmous, smoothies. Mainly for the same reason most people use a nutribullet – it is quick, easy and mess free.

I am also incredibly impatient, especially when I am hungry and knowing I am able to whip up a tasty mixed smoothie (usually containing peanut butter) I am less likely to grab crisps/toast etc.


Here is one I made earlier, Berry Blast smoothie.

Including: a handful of frozen mixed berries, a banana, a teaspoon of peanut butter (salt and sugar free), a cm chunk of fresh ginger (with the skin on – gives you more nutrients), a scoop of flaxseed, soluble fibre and a scoop of vanilla protein powder (fibre and protein I use Arbonne’s vegan nutrition),

Chuck it all in the cup. Blitz for 1 minute.

And voile!


Top tip – if smoothies are your breakfast make sure you have complex carbs in there (e.g. oats/quinoa) and protein.