China Throwback – Part 2 Breakfast




I have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Meeting people from all over the world and sharing the blessing that is breakfast together I wanted to find out how everyone eats at home. Lunch/dinner/afternoon tea/midnight snacks I feel are interchangeable (a little) between countries but breakfast is something very personal.


These were my results from a breakfast survey:
Thailand – rice porridge
Chile – traditional bread and milk tea
Bahrain – eggs/bread/ omelette tomato
Ukraine – fried eggs, fruit,
Botswana – porridge and syrup/ English breakfast
Poland – german breakfast
Swiss – fruit, muesli, milk
Australia – frruit/almond pancakes?
Malaysia – nasi lema , rice in coconut milk/ cucumber/anchovies
Sweden – porridge/jogurt, dried porridge

UK – Any of the above – traditional full English but depends on diet