There are a lot of things to think about before embarking on your health and fitness journey. Here are the most common questions and worries I am asked at a female personal trainer:


Q: Will exercising with weights make me bulky?
A: This is such a common worry of my female clients. And the honest answer is that only time will tell. Most women who start weight training regularly will find they build lean muscle mass therefore look toned and strong without “looking bulky”. How your body changes will depend on your food intake (calories, protein, carbs etc), genetics, rest (sleep and down time) as well as many other factors. The benefits massively outweigh the the fears of getting huge.


Q: How often do I need to train?
A: Once again this will depend on you. Your schedule, your commitment level, your timescale. For a minimum I would recommend exercise 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Whatever you feel comfortable exercising in. Footwear needs to be indoor trainers for the gym (not your office shoes)


Q: I’m too fat/unfit/old to have a Personal Trainer?
A: No. Regardless of your past experience, health etc we can find an exercise that suits you.


Q: Will I be sore the next day?
A: This is similar to question 1, will depend on what you have done before. If you are brand new to exercise/the gym/weight lifting you may find you are sore (have DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness) for 24-72 hours after your session as your body gets used to the different use of your muscles. Pain is a difficult topic as its subjective to each individual but you will get to know in your own body what feels like “normal” pain and what is a pain you should be concerned about.


Q: Where Do You Train?
A: I train at Pure Gym Exchange Crescent, in the city centre of Edinburgh, just off Lothian Road, HERE are the directions.


Q: Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

A: The main reasons people need or want a personal trainer are for; 1. motivation and accountability (someone to give you a push to get to the gym and to keep you on track), 2. technique and confidence (to know you are doing things safely and effectively), 3. a new challenge (e.g. your first marathon, a body building competition, your wedding etc) as well as hundreds of other reasons. I believe your health should always be seen as an investment not a cost.


Q: What are the benefits of regular physical activity?

A: I could write a book about this (well are already thousands written on the subject). The main benefits of regular exercise are for general health; decreases your chances of heart and lunge conditions, increases your quality of life (being able to run after your kids/pets without gasping for breath), better mental health (instantly you will gain a huge endorphin kick (the happy hormone). Give it a try and you will find out more benefits personal to you.


Q: What type of exercise will I be doing during a session?

A: Mainly I help clients gain confidence in the gym, using resistance kit, free weights as well as cardio equipment but also use boxing equipment, your own body weight and just see what each client benefits from and more importantly enjoys!


Q:Does every exercise session need to be with a Personal Trainer?

A: NOPE! I would strongly encourage everyone to gain their own confidence in the gym alongside sessions.


Q: It’s super expensive for a personal trainer?

A: It is an extra cost for sure, once again this is an investment into your health. Also the hourly rate is paying for the extra time spent outside of your sessions on nutrition, programming and planning as well as accountability. Group training is your cheaper (and sometimes more fun) option, see HERE for booking and pricing options through the mindbody app.


Q: Will I have to stop drinking alcohol?

A: Not unless its something you want to do or have been advised to do by your GP. I love a g&t every now and then. Life is there to be lived and loved. Everything in moderation.


Q: How long is a personal training session?

A: I usually see clients for 30-60 minutes.


Q: Can I only have a few sessions?

A: You can have as many or little as you need. Most clients to get from the ground to a competent level I recommend 2 x 30 mins session for 1-3 months. I would always say 3 months is a minimum to see lasting and significant results.


Q: Where should I train?

A: You can train at the Pure Gym or at another gym or even at home if you have suitable equipment/space.


Q: Can I use the diet only approach to fat loss?

A: Yes/No. I would always recommend regular exercise for general health, strength, bone density etc. This all depends on your goals but generally exercise will help you hit your goals quicker.