Haig’s Food Hall – Go Local Part 1

After having watched Food Inc. and many other documentaries and articles I have decided if I am going to continue to eat meat I want to do it in a sustainable manner which will benefit local farmers, the local economy and not put further strain on our already fragile environment. So I went on the […]

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Stop fearing what will help you grow

One of the many reasons I wanted to become a Trainer was to help people, especially women with a low self esteem, realise the benefits of weight lifting and using different training techniques to become healthier, happier and stronger. If you are scared to lift in case you get bulky. DON’T fear it, just try […]

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Abs are made in the kitchen

Over the last few months I have helped clients reach and exceed their goals but sometimes forget to look after my own body the same way. I have majorly cut down on wheat, white foods and refined sugars for just 2 weeks alongside my fitness regime. I have so much more energy and stronger already. […]

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Nutty chia seeds balls

  4 tbspoon Peanut Butter 3 tbspoon Honey 2 tbspoon chia seed 2 tbspoon Rolled porridge oats 2 tbspoon Arbonne chocolate protein shake (vegan) 2 tbspoon flaxseed 1 teaspoon raw cacau powder 1. Heat peanut butter and honey in a bowl in microwave for 30-50 seconds. Mix until combined. 2. Add all ingredients and mix […]

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