Low-carb veggies – GO WILD


When carb-cycling, or on a low-carb diet people tend to struggle with being hungry or not knowing what to eat to fill them up. As a rule, most green veg is high in phytonutrients (e.g. Lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect your body from cataracts and age-related degeneration – two types of eye problems.) Leafy carbohydrates will give you more energy and are essential for bodily functions. If you struggle to get all of your nutrients you can supplement with greens powder (I use Arbonne Greens Balance, including 27 fruits, vegetables and superfoods – www.arbonne.com).


Below is a list of low-car vegetables to have alongside your proteins and fats.


Low carb vegetables per ¼ cup – carbohydrate  in grams

  • Brussels Sprouts     7.6g
  • Artichoke     6.9g
  • Peas     6.5g
  • Beets     6.5g
  • Pumpkin     6.3g
  • Carrot     5.1g
  • Onion     4.0g
  • Rutabaga     4.0g
  • Zucchini     3.3g
  • Tomato     3.2g
  • Collard Greens     3.0g
  • Peppers, Green     3.4g
  • Peppers, Red     3.3g
  • Beans, green     2.9g
  • Asparagus (6)     2.4g
  • Turnips     2.3g
  • Pickle (1 medium)     2.0g
  • Eggplant     2.0g
  • Cucumber     1.8g
  • Broccoli     1.7g
  • Cauliflower     1.5g
  • Squash, yellow     1.4g
  • Cabbage     1.1g
  • Mushroom     1.0g
  • Garlic (1 clove)     1.0g
  • Celery     0.8g
  • Bok Choy     0.7g
  • Avocado (1 whole)     0.5g
  • Lettuce     0.5g
  • Radish     0.5g
  • Spinach     0.2g