Amazing results from a 30 days nutrition programme client 


No time to get to the gym?

Young children getting in the way of your workout?

Travel with work so have an ever-changing training environment to use?

Find a fitness studio or gym too intimidating or simply want to maximise your home time?

Whether you are exercising to rehab from an injury, for weight loss, to gain weight, chance your composition or for an event or competition we can build a programme to suit your goal and schedule. Throughout the programme we will update weights, reps and help with your techniques via video analysis.

Does it work? Go HERE for testimonials of other online and face to face clients.

To apply for the online programme leave your details here and I will send you some recipes to get started:




*option 1 – Distance training*

3 Month Transformation – £265 or £90 a month

What do I get?

  Full workout programme and updates every 4-6 weeks depending on goal and progress.

 Full diet plan and nutrition support

  3 Skype calls a month

  Minimum 1 video feedback weekly

  Progress photos

  Weekly feedback through skype chat/what’s app



30 days to healthy living – online nutrition programme 

*option 2 – NUTRITION ONLY – 40% off*

£253.60 (RRP £512)

What do I get?

Facebook support group


Shopping lists

Meal plans

2 snacks/meals, 2 drinks (green tea extract) and all your vits for a healthy gut every day for 30+ days!

 Online purchase your ASVP 30 days to healthy living nutrition package here

Assess to ME! Due to the training being virtual and remote you need to have a bag full of motivation to smash the goals you want to. As well as sprinkle of patience until you see the results you want!



Online training system - NOW AVAILABLE


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