Speyside Way – Take 1

The Speyside way is a long distance route running alongside (or near) the Spey in the North of Scotland. This is home to many of the world famous Scottish Single Malt Whisky distilleries. It is a huge part of my heritage as my Dad grew up near here and now my boyfriends parents live at the end of the trail. It has been on my bucket list for a few years and had heard so many amazing things about the trail so had to give it a shot.
Tom and I decided to cycle the route with a vague idea of the direction we needed to go but with no map or compass. Bad idea.
 We started the route well, lovely paved routes through the trees near Aviemore, through Nethy Bridge, the same area I did my Duke of Edinburgh and were Tom grew up so we were loving it.
We stopped for lunch at an old Railway station at Cramond and the sun shone for a little while – Joey was having a great time not having to peddle!
After leaving Cramond things went a bit pearshaped and we ended up on an uphill struggle (literally), of mud, wet grass and no view to show for it. We couldn’t see the river so had no idea where we were supposed to be going. After an hour of struggle through sheep fields, on the edge of steep terrain we found the main road, cycled to the nearest Distillery of Tormore thinking we would at least get a dram to lighten the mood. NOT EVEN A GIFT SHOP, closed to the public. We drove back to the Suidhe Lodge for a well deserve Gin and Tonic.
Speyside Way you may have defeated us this time but we will be back – next time with boats!!