Veganuary – top 5 favourite vegan recipes

I survived veganuary. Well I more than survived, I loved it. Below are some of thoughts and my top 5 favourite recipes:


Things I loved:

  1. Trying new recipes and getting creative
  2. Eating more vegetables
  3. Learning more about what is in my food
  4. Learning more about the dairy industry and meat industry (in the UK, be careful where your data is coming from, click HERE for my video explaining more about this)
  5. Saving money and the environment
  6. Moral high ground (you know what I am talking about, the same feeling you get when you give blood and are scared of needles. Saving lives feels great)


Things that were “challenging”:

  1. Other people’s opinions and jokes (this will happen ANY time you try and stretch yourself or try something new. My method was the same as usual; smile in reply and ask if they have any questions about a vegan diet. This will either lead to them leaving the room, shutting up or a really interesting chat)
  2. Eating out. This is a biggie. As with any change in diet, always plan before you go. This is not impossible but you do sometimes need to ask the waiter/chef to add in or take stuff out. Alot of places now have vegan menus, see HERE for my top 5 faves.
  3. Eating on the go or at someone’s house. Same rules apply as above. Let them know you are vegan and either bring your own food or just let them know what you can/can’t have.
  4. Guilt when you screw up. This one I let go after the first 5 days. Things will happen, you might slip a bit of accidental egg or milk hidden in things. I think as long as you are trying the best you can and learn from it then its all part of the process.
  5. Protein intake. This is a



Top 5 favourite vegan recipes: